8 May

The Virtual Forge attended, once again, the Learning Technologies 2023 event.

A recap of Learning Technologies 2023 and the exhilarating two-day journey through the cutting-edge learning technologies.
Bernardo Borges
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Learning Technologies, one of the world's most notable learning events, has become a hub for innovative and new technology in the learning space. The Virtual Forge is honored to have attended for the fourth year to share some of the cutting-edge work we have produced in the learning environment.

Learning Technologies 2023

The rapid advancements in technology, such as AI, custom solutions, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), are propelling the learning environment into an exciting new era.

Once again, Learning Technologies 2023 rose up from the exhilarating ExCeL London venue to bring together the most exceptional learning service providers in a collaborative environment, brimming with insights and business opportunities.

The Virtual Forge collaborated with our partners, Boundless, renowned developers in VR and AR immersive experience development, and Adobe, a global leader in digital experiences, to share some of the work we’re doing in the learning space. Through conversations with thousands of attendees, we get the bonus of insights into our clients' future expectations and the direction in which the market is headed.

Attending Learning Technologies 2023 provided us with a valuable opportunity to engage with some of the most renowned learning professionals in the world. Some of these experts reaffirmed the trends we have been observing, while others shared new insights and discoveries that expanded our understanding of the learning space.

Personalisation: it's not just a buzzword anymore. It's the new reality!

The number of companies seeking customised solutions, tailored to their specific needs at Learning Technologies 2023 was simply astounding.

It's no secret: the more personalised the learning journey, the more effective, efficient, and impactful the learning experience becomes.

The amount of learning solutions, such as off-the-shelf learning management systems, in the market is virtually endless. But the amount of personalisation for such broad tools that need to cater to different needs and users can only go so far. Many companies came to us looking for a completely custom solution, laser targeted to their requirements, completely developed to them, and able to manage all their most needed tasks.

And that's where The Virtual Forge comes in as the ideal partner for organisations looking to take their learning to the next level. Our expertise in custom learning management systems, data visualisation, reporting, rewards and recognition programs, as well as artificial intelligence, offers a holistic approach to the customised solutions that many organisations are desperately seeking.

Immersive experiences. Or can we just say real experiences?

As more companies shift to virtual environments, they're discovering that tasks once performed in the physical world can be executed just as well, if not better, in the virtual world. But creating content in these virtual environments is only half the battle; the challenge lies in delivering and managing that content seamlessly across platforms.

At The Virtual Forge, we understand this challenge all too well. During Learning Technologies, we had several conversations with companies struggling with this exact issue. The integration of new technologies and the ability to deliver them seamlessly throughout the entire learning experience has become a top priority for many organisations.

Frequently, custom Learning Management Systems or Learning Experience Platforms can effectively address these challenges, presenting ample opportunities for our team of experts to demonstrate their capabilities and deliver positive outcomes.

Data. The leading currency of the learning experience.

Data. The crucial point that now reigns supreme in the learning space. Collecting data about learner preferences, progress, and overall training effectiveness at the individual and organisational levels is insightful, and crucial in driving growth and organisational performance outcomes.

But the question that may develop inside even the most structured organisations is: where do I start?

And it may sound like a simple question, but the complexity that lies underneath is actually puzzling. Many organisations lack the necessary structure and alignment between their learning processes and tools to effectively gather insights from the vast amount of data generated. The conversations we had throughout Learning Technologies reassured us of this trend.

With its data-focused approach, The Virtual Forge can establish a valuable partnership to design and organise the data in your learning ecosystem, and help you navigate through the complexity, enabling you to offer a learning experience that drives you towards success.

Wrapping up on an unforgettable learning event

The sentence that can summarise our Learning Technologies is: what an experience.

Surrounded by a group of fascinating and varied professionals, we are inspired to reinvent ourselves and meet the ever-evolving needs of the world. With the rapid advance of technology shaping the future of education, we are committed to being a part of it.

Learning Technologies 2023 - The Virtual Forge and Boundless
Learning Technologies 2023 - The Virtual Forge Team Member

Learning Technologies 2023 - The Virtual Forge Stand

How The Virtual Forge can help you towards learning success

Our global team of experts is not only trained in working with big data, machine learning and AI in the learning environment, but is also passionate about it. We offer custom solutions and consultations around data architecture, data governance, AI & machine learning and data driven custom software development.

Our goal is to assist anyone in overcoming their data challenges in a rapidly evolving and increasingly complex world. To gain a competitive advantage, every aspect must be carefully managed. Our specialists are always ready to have a productive discussion and help you find a solution.

With over a decade of experience in industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, retail, finance, and more, our team understands the complexities of each sector and how to navigate them. Our consultative approach enables us to better understand your organisation's needs and goals to ensure success.

If you’re considering doing more with your learning, reach out for a complimentary consultation!

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