Software Development

Integrating the software solution you need across your organisation can be the ultimate partner for growth. Obtaining real business value by getting the most out of production-ready custom software development services calls for the need of a reliable ally who can handle every aspect of your venture, from birth to delivery. You are in the right place.
companies who trust The Virtual Forge with their software

End-to-end data-driven solutions

The Virtual Forge works with organisations to create digital and technology platforms that drive transformation, develop capabilities and deliver better experiences.

Sleek user experience, beautiful design and incredible data integration are the core foundations ingrained into all our processes to develop data-driven, modular, reusable and scalable platforms.

Custom Software Development Services

Creating dependable, and beautiful software is at the heart of what The Virtual Forge does. Providing precise solutions that effectively address business challenges runs in our lifeblood, with a whole crew who jump at the thought of delivering exceptional solutions and building on the most reliable technology.

UX & UI Design Services

Leveraging our UX & UI design team creative and analytical minds, engaging solutions are developed, prioritising user-friendliness, aesthetic appeal, and exceptional functionality.

Software Testing Services

No solution leaves The Virtual Forge's realm without being thoroughly tested. Supporting our entire development process, The Virtual Forge's software testing team applies reliable testing techniques and technologies to assure validation of software solutions before going to market.

Project Management Services

Project management is an art that finds exemplary representation at The Virtual Forge. We leverage our in-house talent - and experience - to meticulously plan and execute the project lifecycle in close collaboration with relevant stakeholders until its successful completion.

Service Desk Support

Our team of specialists is dedicated to customer service and committed to providing the best user experience for our products and services, working diligently to guarantee a smooth transition from the project team, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Design Sprint Facilitation Services

Within a span of 5 days, a skilled team of facilitators can lead you and your team through an efficient Design Sprint process. Whether it's in-person or remote, the facilitators will leverage your collective experience and expertise to collaboratively construct a high-fidelity prototype, subject it to testing, and prepare it for development.

Case studies

Customers of varying scales and industries consistently rely on The Virtual Forge’s data-driven custom software solutions to expand their businesses. Find out more about how this works in practice, and have a look at some of our case studies, covering a diverse range of projects. We are proud of our work, and you can now see why.

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Using AWS to manage and deliver a global LMS

Delivering content to thousands of users, simultaneously, all over the globe.

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Clean Car

Building a New Data Solution to Drive Environmental Efficiencies in Mobility

The Virtual Forge was responsible for creating a new technological solution for CleanCar, a smart analytics platform that can help fleet operators assess the costs and benefits of switching from ICE to EV fleets. The challenge was to rebuild the previous solution from the ground up to be capable of handling the large data influx.

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Setting the Standard for Automotive Training with New Learning Management System

The Virtual Forge was selected by Ford of Europe to deliver a new Learning Management System (LMS) that improved the training experience for its workforce and was more effective and transparent for the business.

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Using Design Thinking to deliver a Targeted Solution.

Logitech tasked The Virtual Forge with creating a tool to help them put together visually stunning and dynamic proposals.

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Dubai South

Web and mobile site created for 'The City of You'

Developing a web and mobile site that would match a city vision through a personalised digital experience.

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