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Accelerate your software solutions with an expert automotive software company. The Virtual Forge rich history of collaborating with renowned automotive brands worldwide, building innovative automotive software solutions, has granted us invaluable insights into the intricate dynamics that propel the industry.
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World-class experience with custom automotive software development 

The automotive industry is experiencing unprecedented levels of development.

As the landscape rapidly evolves, automotive companies without robust software and data capabilities face significant risks, such as delays in start-of-production, exceeding budgets and lack of technical resources to prepare for the future.

The risk of falling behind competitors is real. 

With over a decade of experience crafting tailor-made solutions for global automotive clients, understanding the inherent complexities of this vast sector is second nature to us.

It’s time to drive forward to the future with our user-friendly and intuitive solutions.

Driving change with data-driven automotive solutions 

As an experienced automotive software development company, The Virtual Forge embraces innovations, proven technologies, and a powerful data-driven mindset.

We provide automotive software development services that are able to drive business success. Our vast offering of custom automotive solutions is designed to fit your unique business and sector challenges. 

You might be at a stage where you don't understand exactly what you need. Let's team up for a custom design sprint. In just five days, we'll evaluate your goals and objectives to recommend the ideal solution for your needs.

LMS for automotive organisations

Automotive brands have unique learning challenges across technical vs. non-technical disciplines, internal vs. dealer network user bases, and  continuous product evolution. VF builds flexible learning management systems for global automotive brands that make the process of learning engaging and serve millions of assessments per year.  

Survey and Testing Systems

Learning materials can only be effective when they are internalised by the learner and put into practice within the organisation. VF works with some of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers to ensure their learning has impact through comprehensive testing, statistical analysis of test effectiveness, and structured post-test surveys to assess real world impact of the learning program.

AI Tutoring Solutions

VF uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to augment and personalise learning experiences. It can be used to predict or infer what a learner may or may not understand, determine remediations to help learners grow their knowledge, and inform what material the learner should work on next. AI can be used to augment existing training and learning software, or incorporated into new or bespoke tutoring, training, and learning solutions

Machine Learning Search Solutions

Automotive companies have vast libraries of content required to support their internal operations including product specifications, training records, and many others.  The Virtual Forge helps clients to improve their information search capabilities including searching unstructured content such as images and PDFs.  VF creates and trains machine learning ranking models paired with Natural Language Processing (NLP) components to help companies improve search effectiveness on all their most valued information.

Reward and Recognition Systems

Our team implements and measures custom reward and recognition platforms for automotive manufacturers.  These programs calculate, measure, and aggregate  individual and dealership level performance metrics to foster competition, drive behaviors, and help automotive companies to achieve their goals.

Dealer Network Performance Scorecards

Customised balanced scorecards allow manufacturers to measure dealer performance against standards, goals, and peer groups. Throughout the year they may monitor trend changes to facilitate intervention and reinforce positive changes.  Future Performance Modeling features allow dealers to design improvement strategies and model their downstream impact.

Franchise Standards Compliance Evaluation

VF builds Global Franchise Standards Evaluation platforms that assist automotive companies in ensuring that their brand is properly represented across their dealership base.  The system facilitates an auditing process along with photographic evidence rank and score dealerships across mandatory and diagnostic standards.  A comprehensive analytics suite allows users to monitor improvement plans and change over time as well as assess compliance differences across markets, regions, and areas.  

Custom solutions to fulfil your needs

Trust our global team of hand-picked specialists to transform your business, whether you’re a multinational corporation or a lean tech start-up.


Committed to connecting technology with the automotive industry, bringing about a transformation in the operations automotive manufacturers. That's part of our aim. Through the targeted deployment of software development, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, we empower our clients to revolutionise their workflows, optimise research and development endeavors, and achieve exceptional results.

At VF, our history naturally tangles itself with the automotive industry. Our long history of studying, modeling, and informing automotive training and operations processes turns us into experts, with renowned automotive software developers trained with the skills to perfectly match solutions to your needs.  

Dealer Networks

The Virtual Forge has deep experience studying and improving network performance for vehicle manufacturers. This includes definition and calculation of KPIs that measure and motivate sales and service organizations, and building training and reward programs that drive overall performance.  

Our extensive experience collaborating with global automotive brands and their vast dealer networks equips us with the knowledge to comprehend and deliver essential solutions.
Global dealerships today require digitalisation as a necessity. Our solutions offer you the flexibility to initiate this transformative process at the stage you deem crucial in your specific market. By incorporating modules and implementing use cases incrementally, you can embark on a systematic digital transformation journey.


Throughout the years, aftermarket companies have sought our expertise to solve a variety of business challenges including field sales force effectiveness, inventory optimisation, parts interchange, quote to cash, and benchmarking. 

Embrace the future and start your data-driven journey with us today. 

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Why The Virtual Forge?

Quality is our core focus. Our team ensures high standards through rigorous quality assurance processes, thorough testing, code reviews, and continuous improvement.


Innovation is the driving force behind our solutions. Our team of creative and analytical minds leverages cutting-edge technologies and out-of-the-box thinking to deliver innovative software solutions. We’re always on the lookout for new technologies that can leverage our offer. We also innovate by helping our clients materialize their needs into new systems that streamline their business processes.


Our team comprises seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise.


Our track record is a testament to our reliability. We are always by our client’s side, ensuring that nothing is left at chance. With our commitment to excellence, we pride ourselves on delivering dependable solutions that businesses can trust.


At The Virtual Forge, we embrace challenges as part of the custom software development and data journey. With unwavering persistence and confidence in our capabilities, we tackle every obstacle head-on. You can rely on us to persevere until we find effective solutions, ensuring successful outcomes for your project.


Similar to today’s world, a software development process is not an immutable force. It changes. It develops. It grows. At The Virtual Forge, we have an agile mindset that makes us capable of adapting to unforeseen circumstances.


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The Virtual Forge Technology Partners

The Virtual Forge collaborates with several strategic partners to guarantee the delivery of cutting-edge services that meet and exceed clients' expectations. We are trusted by some of the most recognised technological brands in the world.

Case studies

Drawing on a decade of experience collaborating with renowned global brands on numerous automotive projects, our team possesses a profound understanding of complexities within the sector and excels at navigating them.

Customers of varying scales and industries consistently rely on The Virtual Forge’s data-driven custom software solutions to expand their businesses. Find out more about how this works in practice, and have a look at some of our case studies, covering a diverse range of projects. We are proud of our work, and you can now see why.

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Delivering UX UI and Front End Development for a Drilling Technology Company

Kelda Dynamics approached The Virtual Forge for assistance in the development of a breakthrough solution for precisely controlled drilling of depleted oil wells.

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Dubai South

Web and mobile site created for 'The City of You'

Developing a web and mobile site that would match a city vision through a personalised digital experience.

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Revolutionise the management of events

Accredit Solutions required a technology partner to revolutionise the management of their events, by building a digital platform to manage large scale events.

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Helping a global leader in nondestructive testing solutions drive their data to better efficiency

The Virtual Forge was approached by Magnaflux to make recommendations around their Power BI reporting on global financial data. As the global leader in non-destructive testing, Magnaflux have been a part of the world’s progress helping develop safer parts for cars, jet liners and infrastructures.

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An innovative platform to automate regulation and governance

Experienced senior managers from the Financial and Investment Banking industries identified a glaring gap for an automated system for governance and compliance management.

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We're a trusted, global software development company with a solid history of delivering comprehensive solutions that equip your business with the finest technology available. With services tailored to your needs, we're dedicated to providing the business-focused solutions you need to succeed.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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Working with The Virtual Forge was a pleasure. The relationships that we build, quite quickly, led to a really lovely experience. The whole team was highly efficient, creative and tactical.

Toby Lewis

Senior Manager, Collaboration Strategy

Working with The Virtual Forge made everyone enjoy being part of the project. It never felt like two separate teams, but just one big team. Everything felt natural, easy, even when there were challenges.

Heather Read

Learning Centre Team Leader and Systems Specialist

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