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Breathe new life into your operations. Data-driven life sciences software solutions empower you to perfect data processes, find key insights, and outcompete your peers.
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Developing cutting-edge solutions for life sciences and healthcare

The life sciences industry is fast-paced and complex.  As the landscape rapidly evolves, companies need the right technology paired with the right expertise to stay ahead.  

The Virtual Forge team has more than 10 years experience in life science software development. We deliver data-driven systems that increase performance while engaging users and satisfying regulatory demands. 

Whether your needs stem from Sales and Marketing, Clinical Development, Supply Chain, or Regulatory Compliance, we can walk alongside you to bring your vision to life.

Turn your complex data into useful answers.

Our custom life sciences software solutions

As a life sciences software development company, The Virtual Forge specialises in creating and advancing a wide range of software solutions.


The Virtual Forge’s eSampling solution combines best in class order management, compliance, and distribution processes to allow licensed Healthcare Professionals to electronically request and receive pharmaceutical and medical device samples.

This solution brings a beautiful branded ordering portal with auto-scaling cloud architecture, and audit-ready signature capture processes.  We provide clients with everything they need to digitally reach and service HCPs with innovative eSampling solutions.

Sample Management

A solution that combines modern technology with deep expertise on sample management programs. We provide insights to manage your sampling activities to PDMA regulations and internal business rules.

From proactive alerts and exception notifications, to status reports and trend analysis; The Virtual Forge delivers the data you need to keep you compliant and get the most from your sample management program.

Third Party Logistics

The Virtual Forge has been a logistics services and technology provider to the medtech industry for over 25 years. Our experts allow us to provide ordering and allocation systems as well as logistical support services for a truly integrated customer experience. 

We offer pick/pack/ship and returns management all tracked via customised dashboards with proactive alerts, and deeply integrated with client systems such as Veeva, SFDC, SmartStore, and Marketo.

SalesForce Effectiveness

The Virtual Forge assists customers in finding the difference between good and great in their field sales force strategy.  We build technology around unique business processes and innovative data points that help sales teams operate at maximum effectiveness. 

Our experts understand the competitive challenges faced by sales representatives today and craft solutions that allow them to maximise their selling opportunities with every HCP interaction.

Data Visualisation and Analytics

Creating beautiful and informative data visualisations, dashboards, and KPIs for life sciences businesses. At The Virtual Forge, we work with clients to ensure that the report elements are driven by the most critical business needs and make a true difference for the users. 

Whether the client’s focus is managed care payer data, HCP prescribing habits, GPOs, distributors, or EHRs The Virtual Forge has the experience to assist and enable your team, or to provide turn key insights within most major BI platforms.

Data Migration and Integration Support

A reality of modern IT infrastructures is that things change quickly, and when they do, nobody wants to leave data behind. The Virtual Forge has significant experience helping our clients to migrate data across platforms including where significant modeling and transformation is required. When multiple operating platforms need to share and leverage data in realtime, or if there is a data warehouse or data mart to consume the information, we can ensure that all systems are kept up to date and that data quality and integrity is maintained across the technical landscape.

We meet your unique needs

Trust our global team of hand-picked specialists to transform your business, whether you’re a multinational corporation or a lean tech start-up.


Our mission is to bridge the gap between technology and healthcare, revolutionising the way pharmaceutical companies operate, research, and deliver patient care. By leveraging the latest advancements in software development, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, we empower our clients to streamline their processes, optimise research and development efforts, and ultimately enhance patient outcomes.

We develop bespoke software solutions that cater specifically to the needs of the life sciences and healthcare sectors.
Our solutions enable seamless collaboration, data management, and reporting, accelerating the research process and reducing time-to-market for new therapies.
The Virtual Forge experienced professionals design and develop robust EHR systems that facilitate accurate and secure patient data management.
Our data analytics expertise enables us to unlock valuable insights from vast amounts of pharmaceutical and healthcare data.
We provide software solutions that ensure adherence to industry regulations and streamline the compliance process, saving you time and resources.


At The Virtual Forge, we specialise in creating cutting-edge software solutions that drive innovation and advancements in the medical technology (MedTech) industry. Our team of expert developers combines their technical expertise with a deep understanding of the healthcare domain to deliver tailored software solutions that revolutionise patient care and enhance medical device operations.

Our software solutions implement robust security measures, ensuring compliance with HIPAA and other data protection regulations. We mitigate risks and safeguard patient information, providing peace of mind to both healthcare providers and patients.
Advanced analytics solutions for MedTech companies are part of our core offering. A large pool of expertise in data analytics enables us to extract meaningful insights from large datasets, facilitating data-driven decision-making, improving operational efficiency, and driving innovation.
We develop customised software solutions tailored to the unique needs of the MedTech industry. Our experienced developers work closely with stakeholders to understand all requirements and deliver software solutions that align perfectly with business goals, whether it's firmware development, device connectivity, or data management systems.

Clinical Research (CROs)

With our deep understanding of the intricacies of clinical research and our expertise in software development, we empower CROs to optimise their operations, streamline processes, and drive success in their clinical trials. Our mission is to support CROs in their mission by delivering innovative software solutions that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and compliance throughout the clinical research lifecycle.

Developing comprehensive CTMS solutions that streamline the management of clinical trials from start to finish. Our CTMS platforms offer features such as subject enrollment, site management, document management, and real-time reporting, enabling efficient study conduct and oversight.
Our EDC systems provide a user-friendly interface for capturing, managing, and analysing clinical trial data. We ensure data integrity, compliance with regulatory requirements, and seamless integration with other clinical systems, facilitating efficient data collection and analysis.
We provide innovative tools to support CROs in their patient recruitment and engagement initiatives. Our solutions leverage digital channels, patient portals, and personalised communication to enhance participant enrollment, retention, and compliance, thereby improving the speed and efficiency of clinical trials.

Embrace the future and start your data-driven journey with us today.

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Why The Virtual Forge?

Quality is our core focus. Our team ensures high standards through rigorous quality assurance processes, thorough testing, code reviews, and continuous improvement.


Innovation is the driving force behind our solutions. Our team of creative and analytical minds leverages cutting-edge technologies and out-of-the-box thinking to deliver innovative software solutions. We’re always on the lookout for new technologies that can leverage our offer to the clients. We also innovate by helping our clients materialize their needs into new systems that streamline their business processes.


Our team comprises seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise.


Our track record is a testament to our reliability. We are always by our client’s side, ensuring that nothing is left at chance. With our commitment to excellence, we pride ourselves on delivering dependable solutions that businesses can trust. 


At The Virtual Forge, we embrace challenges as part of the custom software development and data journey. With unwavering persistence and confidence in our capabilities, we tackle every obstacle head-on. You can rely on us to persevere until we find effective solutions, ensuring successful outcomes for your project.


Similar to today’s world, a software development process is not an immutable force. It changes. It develops. It grows. At The Virtual Forge, we have an agile mindset that makes us capable of adapting to unforeseen circumstances.


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Our Technology Partners

The Virtual Forge collaborates with several strategic partners to guarantee the delivery of cutting-edge services that meet and exceed clients' expectations. We are trusted by some of the most recognised technological brands in the world.

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We're a trusted, global software development company with a solid history of delivering comprehensive solutions that equip your business with the finest technology available. With services tailored to your needs, we're dedicated to providing the business-focused solutions you need to succeed.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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Working with The Virtual Forge was a pleasure. The relationships that we build, quite quickly, led to a really lovely experience. The whole team was highly efficient, creative and tactical.

Toby Lewis

Senior Manager, Collaboration Strategy

Working with The Virtual Forge made everyone enjoy being part of the project. It never felt like two separate teams, but just one big team. Everything felt natural, easy, even when there were challenges.

Heather Read

Learning Centre Team Leader and Systems Specialist

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