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Move from raw data to actionable insights with VF's Microsoft Power BI consultants

Whether you’re looking to explore the different paths in which the Power BI platform can help you to visualise your business data, or you’re seeking expert help with unlocking and understanding a specific aspect of it, our business intelligence consultants are ready to show you how.

We deliver versatile, custom-built dashboards that integrate seamlessly into your operations

Power BI consulting services that deliver

How you utilise your business data is changing. The Virtual Forge Microsoft Power BI Services will enable you to discover your data in a new, powerful way.

Experienced business intelligence consultants can provide expert assistance in various services, such as planning, integration, implementation, dashboard design, QA, and training.

Power BI Implementation Planning

In order to get your Power BI project started on the right path, consultancy services diminish the uncertainity that often comes with correctly aligning any data strategy:

1. Identify and Refine Requirements
2. Roadmap Development
3. Navigating Licensing Options
4. Data Storage and Warehousing
5. Access and Security
6. Power BI Best Practice Analysis
7. Source-to-Target Mapping
8. User Adoption

Power BI Integration Services

Whatever the format of your data and wherever it lives, The Virtual Forge Power BI consultants have extensive experience with ingesting and integrating data from a wide array of sources:

1. Databases (SQL, MySQL, Redshift, PostGres)
2. MS Excel
3. CSV / Flat File
4. Power Apps
5. Power Automate
6. Web & API
7. SharePoint
8. Dynamics 365
9. AWS

Power BI Dashboard Development and Implementation

Whether it’s a need for a assistance in a particular skill set or end-to-end BI dashboards development, our expertise can cover any of the following:

1. Data warehousing
2. Power Query / ETL / Data Quality
3. Data modelling
4. DAX
5. Paginated Reports
6. Dataflows
7. Tenant configuration
8. Row- and object-level security

Power BI Design and Visualisation

Our team knows that the better the look-and-feel, the better the end-user engagement. We offer the following to maximise the visual appeal and get valuable insights out of your reports with Power BI:

1. UX/UI
2. Visual Libraries
3. Brand guidelines integration
4. Reusable templates
5. Mobile optimisation

Power BI Quality Analysis and Support

Even the best looking reports are only as good as the data they’re built upon. The Virtual Forge QA & support services ensure the utmost confidence in your KPIs:

1. Performance optimisation
2. Load testing
3. ETL and Visualisation QA
4. Best practice conformity
5. Ongoing Support

Power BI Training

Whether it’s an end-of-project hand-off, enhancing team skills, or simply understanding the basics of Power BI navigation, expert Power BI Training empower your teams to maintain and consume reports with confidence:

1. Bespoke content
2. Interactive sessions
3. Expert access
4. Train-the-trainer
5. Reference materials

A data tool for everyone

Microsoft Power BI is for everyone. No matter your role, it will provide you with the easy on the eye, intuitive, engaging and architected dashboards that will take you through an incredible data journey. Yours.

Extensive Data Connector Library

No database? No problem. With a wide-ranging selection of native data connector options, Power BI is designed to quickly get you connected to the data you need without the need for a middle layer, so you’re able to start visualising data at a fraction of the time and cost.

Built With The “Citizen Developer” In Mind

The vast majority of the core functions in Power BI, from Power Query to visualisations, are designed around simple point-and-click interfaces to carry out complex operations. This in turn means that you can ingest, prepare, and visualise your own data, with no coding knowledge required.

Simple Yet Powerful Exploration

With a single click of the canvas, your end-users can delve as deep into the story your data tells as they like. Slicers allow an easy way to filter by date or category.  Via cross report filtering, they can click on a visual data point of interest, and all other visual elements respond to and are filtered by that selection.

Community-Driven Innovation

The Power BI desktop application is updated on a monthly basis (as are many related tools within the Power BI/Fabric ecosystem), the bulk of which are quality-of-life improvements suggested by you, the end-user. As a Power BI user, you are part of a vast community whose members form not only a network of support and knowledge-sharing, but also a force for change via the Ideas platform.

Embrace the future and start your data-driven journey with us today.

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Case studies

Customers of varying scales and industries consistently rely on The Virtual Forge’s data-driven custom software solutions to expand their businesses. Find out more about how this works in practice, and have a look at some of our case studies, covering a diverse range of projects. We are proud of our work, and you can now see why.

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Helping a global leader in nondestructive testing solutions drive their data to better efficiency

The Virtual Forge was approached by Magnaflux to make recommendations around their Power BI reporting on global financial data. As the global leader in non-destructive testing, Magnaflux have been a part of the world’s progress helping develop safer parts for cars, jet liners and infrastructures.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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The Virtual Forge's work has lowered our system downtime and fastened the turnover of tickets on the help desk. The team has executed updates correctly and maintains communication via emails and messages. The Virtual Forge's Co-CEO participation in the project has been crucial.

Tom Blades

Head of Systems Integration

The Virtual Forge successfully delivered a working prototype of the dashboard, meeting our expectations. The team responded quickly to requests and modifications, and they were hands-on, knowledgeable, and receptive throughout the project.

Geir Arne Evjen


Their collaborative approach fostered a sense of partnership and trust, where our voices were heard and our vision was respected.

Rosanna Turk


Working with The Virtual Forge was a pleasure. The relationships that we build, quite quickly, led to a really lovely experience. The whole team was highly efficient, creative and tactical.

Toby Lewis

Senior Manager, Collaboration Strategy

Working with The Virtual Forge made everyone enjoy being part of the project. It never felt like two separate teams, but just one big team. Everything felt natural, easy, even when there were challenges.

Heather Read

Learning Centre Team Leader and Systems Specialist

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